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The Ultimate Worlds | May 21, 2018

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Smartphone review: The best models

Smartphone review: The best models
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Review Overview

iPhone 5S
Galaxy S5
Nexus 5
Sony Xperia T2

Apple iPhone All the best.

Apple iPhone All the best but Samsung Galaxy Capturing Market trend. Google Nexus, HTC and Windows Mobile Phone are also available for different test. The newcomers Samsung Galaxy S5 and HTC One M8 jostle research in the first row of the leader board. The Galaxy S4 first time competitors in front of him, the iPhone 5S remains in the top five. Our review based one personal opinion not tested by Lab.

Find out which model performs best according to the Ultimate Worlds test criteria and how beats the iPhone 5S against Galaxy S5, HTC One, Xperia and Nexus in the smartphone test leader board.

A new sheriff is in town , more specifically there are two : Samsung’s Galaxy S5 and HTC’s One M8 mix on the leaderboard , which is now based on an updated test table. For the models tested so far, the best means a small deterioration of the note. The new number one is the Galaxy S5 , just before the eye-catching aluminum androids One M8 and the plastic cars LG G2. The regency of the Samsung Galaxy S4 is finished. S4 now means Rank 4 Even the iPhone 5S model name matches the placement. The sixth share HTCs aluminum phablet One Max and the inconspicuous LG Optimus G. The “old” HTC One lands at No. 8 The colorful iPhone 5C and the curved LG G Flex get just the curve in the top 10

The Ultimate Worlds Smartphone Test

Rate this tester, as easy and intuitive operation , navigation and change vonstattengehen the main menu. Is one-handed operation possible, there is a QWERTY keyboard ? Speed ​​and appearance of the browser will be tested to the same standards as Firefox, Internet Explorer & Co. . The battery measurement takes into account continuous Internet connections via mobile phone , Wi-Fi access , and GPS. The adjusted test procedure shall include fitness functions , ways to unlock and tightness of the housing .

Apple iPhone performance for the prepaid plan?

The iPhone is not cheap, does not come for each question . However, large touch screen , navigation, Internet-/E-Mail, Camera and Video , chat clients and the integration of social networks (Facebook , Twitter) need not be expensive, from around 100 euros off you go. But beware: Many applications constantly load data from the internet ! Quick come without matching contract together hundreds of megabytes. Consider the case of collective choice , otherwise the mutated ” Savings Phone” cost trap .

Internet qualities of smartphones

Basically can be thought also for the PC websites on the phone screen display . The larger the screen and the resolution, the better the overview. How good surfing works on the phone, the iPhone 3GS has led the way . iPhone 4 and 4S can do better , the iPhone 5 was up and in the best tradition of the browser of the iPhone 5S is again faster. Most surf stars come but from the Android camp. With the fast LTE wireless data loading goes from pages at lightning speed . Especially the HTC one convinced , in addition it has flash on board.

Point by point : display quality

In terms of resolution were iPhone 4 and 4S with 960×640 pixels long tip on the smartphone market, individual pixels are barely visible . The first time the iPhone 5 will change the aspect ratio and 1136×640 pixels at offers four inch diagonal an additional row Apps space . Current devices have much larger displays with 4.5 to about five inches and radiate with full HD resolution (1920×1080) . But : All screens reflect , sunlight- reading is difficult. In terms of brightness , the Sony Xperia P sets the record with extra white pixels.

Free navigation

All current phones have a GPS satellite receiver and can be used with appropriate software as navigation with voice announcement in the car. Nokia offers Ovi Maps includes voice-guided car and pedestrian routes. Google offers full voice-guided navigation for Android devices from version 1.6. Telekom customers with iPhone, Android , or Windows Phone 7 Smartphone enjoy during the contract period free access to the full onboard navigation ” Navigon select”. All Windows Phone devices offer free route guidance based on Microsoft Bing Maps.