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The Ultimate Worlds | May 21, 2018

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Firefox 29 with new design : Mozilla browser on the practice test

Firefox 29 with new design : Mozilla browser on the practice test
Romano Abraham

At last, Mozilla Foundation has made ​​it and starts with Firefox 29 (Upgraded Firefox Browser Version), the long-awaited new design. What is the new browser has to offer you , shows ULTIMATE WORLDS.

Each six weeks Mozilla skin out a fresh version of Firefox; Create stunning , there are rarely seen. But this time everything is different : With Firefox 29 Mozilla provides the long-awaited Australis design before . Already in the summer of 2011 appeared the first drafts of the new user interface. After Mozilla planned publication repeatedly postponed due to technical difficulties , the traffic light is now green. As of now there is the new version of Firefox for all to download :

Chrome vs Firefox?

After Firefox 20 already got a new download window, the developers devote to the project, the rest Australis Probably the most noticeable changes are the redesigned tabs and the options menu. Restart the browser for the first time , the eye-opening effect lasts probably limited. Reason: The new tab design and the Settings icon remember initially heavily involved Google Chrome, only upon closer inspection you can see differences . The new browser menu stands out clearly from the other hand : The intuitive control thanks convinced of clearly labeled function keys.

Less is more!

In order to ease operation also belongs to limit the number of visible controls directly to a minimum and to curtail the adaptability of the browser. So out about the add-on bar changes to the victim. For better personalizability Firefox donated a revised dialog to customize the toolbars and buttons . Users can decide as intuitive which menu items they place in the address bar of the browser. As an introduction to the new look , click the Options a “guided ” tour of all the changes.

Firefox Sync:

The times in which one uses a program exclusively on a computer , thanks to cloud , smartphone and tablet past – a function to synchronize data now belongs to . How this can be implemented reasonable for browsers that displays Google : Since version 19 , Chrome is a browser Everywhere . While Firefox also had longer a synchronization service on board , but was the only be set up cumbersome. The figures speak for themselves : So far, only one percent of Firefox users use the Sync function of the browser. The new Mozilla Firefox Sync simplifies the process . To share bookmarks, history , settings & Co. between devices , you need a so-called henceforth Firefox account you create when you first set up the function. Specifying an email address and a password is enough. With Firefox 29 , the service is initially only available to users who have the sync function is not activated yet. Stock users should change in a later version to the new Firefox Sync .

Gamblers browser and other:

That one with the subject Mozilla web gaming very seriously, show the manufacturer’s efforts to integrate sophisticated games technology in the browser. So Mozilla announced recently that the graphics engine Unreal Engine 4 and 5 Unity run in the browser . It is not surprising that the developers are working on an interface that enables communication between the browser and gamepads . For testing purposes, is the already since Firefox 24 on board , but only now released final and default. To try to find an easy demo on the net. Now only the manufacturers of browser games have yet to follow suit. In addition, the new version of the browser yet comes with a whole bunch of new features for developers , such as Mozilla says.

Tempo -Check : How fast is Firefox 29?

Also in the benchmark test of ULTIMATE WORLDS makes Firefox 29 is a good figure . So builds the browser – despite the extensive external changes – to the trend of predecessors and puts a shovel to the pace. Compared to Firefox 28, the new version will win almost all benchmark tests . Only in the SunSpider test missing the new browser delicate 1.5 points. However, despite the positive trend : For the tempo crown not long enough. Even with Firefox Chrome 29 remains the undefeated pace King.

Firefox for Android:

As usual, gets the mobile offshoot of the browser update. Analogous to the big brother keeps on Android smartphones and tablets , the new synchronization service feeder. In addition, you search the web now via Bing and share content faster – thanks to the new Share button in the main menu. In addition, the developers have improved the integration of Open Web Apps and promise more performance.

Assessment : All new, all good ?

The most recent large optical refresher is a good three years back (Firefox 4) – in the IT world, an eternity. After many changes under the hood of the browser now gets a whole new coat of paint. This Mozilla pursues a minimalist approach : as little as possible controls and plenty of space for page content. The downside : There is less room for personal customization. Basically, the new design is indeed chic and contemporary, original it is not. But it has the advantage that it is geared to the current usage habits : Comprised of three bars or elements menu icon has become popular with many websites , programs and apps as a quasi- standard. The position of the menu buttons also follows the current trend : Google , Facebook, Chrome, IE & Co. – no matter where you look , the configuration dialog at the top right . While the orange Firefox button in the upper left corner , however, the browser loses a unique identifier . What remains is the unique selling point of the separate search window.

Conclusion: Firefox 29

Finally there is something new to see : the surface of Firefox 29 has a sophisticated and contemporary. But whether this meets with all users on reciprocal love , may be doubted. Thanks to the adaptability of Firefox you build the program with add- ons such as Classic Theme Restorer in doubt quickly get back . The new synchronization function corresponds finally to date , especially in times of device -independent access of software was a revision is urgently needed.

Previous check: Firefox 28

Compared to the previous Firefox 29 is more likely , therefore, as a stopgap . From a user perspective brings Firefox 28 little changes: Aside from the security enhancements lacks innovation. While the support of new video and audio codecs is laudable , but to 4K content everyday on the net, quite a few Firefox versions come out.