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The Ultimate Worlds | May 21, 2018

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Call of Duty 2014: ‘Blacksmith’ Confirmed Unveiling in May

Call of Duty 2014: ‘Blacksmith’ Confirmed Unveiling in May
Staff Reporter

Activations is silent continue over the next ” Call of Duty” spin-off. Now claims to have learned details to the game magazine .

The tension in the ” Call of Duty” community rises: Just last week, popped a picture on the net on the rumored game graphic shows from the model developed by Sledgehammer Games new part of the shooting game series. Now wants a trade magazine learned that the upcoming offshoot carries the suffix “Blacksmith” and is expected to unveiled in May. Where the information originates , the source does not reveal. The title appeared a few weeks ago on the net , as a YouTube user claiming to have these get plugged from internal sources . The fact that Activision ‘s new ” Call of Duty” presents in May , however, seems quite plausible – various predecessors were revealed in the month. An official statement by Activision to new rumors stands out.

Call of Duty 2014: Previous messages to Sledgehammer title
Update (23 April 2014)

The ” Call of Duty” – community looks forward to the release of the next series offshoot contrary tense. For the first time in the history of the series comes the new part is not Infinity Ward or Treyarch , but by Sledgehammer Games . If it is possible for the newcomer in the league of the ” Call of Duty” Creator, to bring fresh air into the slightly dusty game concept ? Are to Title it so far but no , publisher Activision hinted that the next-gen consoles you confers priority in the development . This gives hope for bombastic graphics.

A foretaste delivered Sledgehammer Games , according to a media report as part of the Game Developers Conference , which took place in March. During a presentation, the developers a first image that is consistent with the actual game graphics of the new ” Call of Duty” showed accordingly . On the screenshot the face of a soldier is to be seen – the shot is hardly distinguishable even at second glance from a real photo . The video of the presentation, from which the image , according to the report is now no longer available . Accordingly, the authenticity of the image can not currently check . Is certain: If it is indeed act in the screenshot to game graphics , fans of the series is a graphic grenade into the house.