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The Ultimate Worlds | May 25, 2018

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Phone Call Record App: to cut calls with loved one

Phone Call Record App: to cut calls with loved one
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You can not get enough of the voice of your girlfriend? With the right app, you draw a smartphone to each conversation – provided the consent of your loved one. Cellphone call recorder apps for several OS.

You want to record a phone call ? Very few smartphones have a corresponding function . But with the right app, you can get it back easily. In the app stores of Apple , Google & Co. there is a wide range . But not all apps are the same – and that applies not only to the price of the premium variants . There are also differences in terms of functionality and usability. COMPUTER BILD shows you what apps you record phone calls, how they work and apply the legal rules in this country for recording.

The best apps for Android OS Call Recorder

For Android users especially the app ” Call Recorder ” provides , as it has many additional features and is easy to use : You can change formats , manage the stored audio files in a cloud, or lock them with a secure password. ” Call Recorder ” reminds you even if it is recording a call , can prompt a message appear in the notification bar .

The best app for Apple iOS : Call Recorder

Clear that even Apple apps in the App Store holds to record calls on iOS Smartphones , including ” Call Recorder”. The app offers numerous setting options , such as a variety of different formats and even an auto-delete function for audio files. After you have logged in with your phone number, you only need funds in your account. You get to start 30 cents as a welcome gift , the rich, to set up capture up to three minutes of a call within Germany. Got the assets when you falter to your account via in- app purchase . The application uses the phone not the regular line of mobile operator , but establishes a connection to the VoIP server the app manufacturer to . Prices for international calls vary.

The best app for Windows Mobile Phone : Windows Call Recorder

Windows Phone can not keep up with the sales of the operating system giants iOS and Android by far. Nevertheless, Microsoft is trying to satisfy with such smart phone features to its users. But in smartphones with Windows Phone 8 update ( also WP 8.1) it is not possible to record using the built-in apps and hardware calls. Who still uses the old operating system Windows Phone 7, can look forward to : The house ” Windows Call Recorder ” highlight important voice recordings and upload them to the SkyDrive , the cloud service of Windows. Do you have the app installed on your smartphone , go ahead as Android or iOS and follow the instructions at the start of the app.