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The Ultimate Worlds | May 21, 2018

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Android Silver : Premium Smartphones instead Google Nexus Deals

Android Silver : Premium Smartphones instead Google Nexus Deals
Staff Reporter

PremiumAndroid Silver‘ phones may replace Google’s Nexus program. Behind the smartphones conceal with upgraded amenities.

If the developer on Google Google I / O is actually the Nexus 8 before , the tablet could be the last device in the Nexus series. Like The information reported, the Company plans to introduce a premium program with the working name Android Silver. The report is based messages from the beginning of April. As Android Police reported, citing a presentation of a Google employee, the company is working on a support program for selected smartphones.

Android Silver: Only for selected devices

Although an expanded customer service one of the main components of Android Silver , but the emphasis are smartphones. Prerequisite is that Google receives a device into the program, is an unmodified Android system with the current version . But that alone is not enough: The smartphone must also have high-end hardware. Cheap prices, as with the Nexus models are equipped with this requirement probably off the table. To make the program even more exclusive , Google takes only five devices at once. After all, so much luxury and its advantages are as with the Nexus series received the Operating System updates as soon as Silver smartphones.

Full control , tracking and video support

Customers who buy a “Android Silver” Smartphone also receive when purchasing help in setting up the device. This is reminiscent of the employees at the Apple Store that help buyers in on the spot when setting up the new acquisition . Lose your new phone once, you can locate it precisely and can navigate to the site . Also, users can remotely create a backup of all data , check the battery charge status or the device completely block all others. Another bonus for Silver Customers: Can a problem partout not automatically solve , you have the option to start a video hangout with Google employees . This service is also on Amazon for the Kindle Fire buyers to its tablets.

When will Android Silver devices?

Whether Google for ” Android Silver ” devices require an additional fee or the manufacturer of the selected smartphones for inclusion in the program to Checkout asks , is still unclear . The company wants to promote the devices but with its own advertising campaign. The budget for this is probably one billion U.S. dollars. According to Android Police first devices to come the beginning of 2015 in the U.S., Japan and Germany on the market. Serve as partners the ex -subsidiary company Motorola and the current Nexus partner LG serve.