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The Ultimate Worlds | May 21, 2018

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Driveclub: Game Director explains massive delay

Driveclub: Game Director explains massive delay
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The cat is out of the bag, ” Drive Club” released in October with almost a year late. In an interview with ULTIMATE WORLDS GAMES explains game director Paul Rustchynsky how it came about.

For half a year PS4 gamers should iron over the virtual slopes of ” Drive Club” now actually already. It is now clear : it passes almost another six months until it is actually so far. The social PS4 Renner appears on 8 October 2014 in Europe. Originally the game for the launch of the new Sony console should see the light of day in November 2013. It was followed by numerous shifts without a specific new date. As Sony’s Shuhei Yoshida boss recently stated in the official Playstation blog, were their own ambitions of the reason for the massive delay.
Paul Rustchynsky , who took over the post from the Game Director after the departure of Col Rodgers, ULTIMATE WORLDS GAMES explained in an interview : “We needed the extra time to implement all the functions that hovered before us into action. , Drive Club ‘ to be a new game experience . It is to the players in a racing game more inter- connect than ever before. It was mainly about the social functions that have required more time. We have programmed in the additional development time a dynamic menu, which makes the interaction with the friends seamlessly . We wanted to ensure that you are constantly connected to his friends and the game world – . Matter if you play on the PS4 or the Apps ”

It was the development team ‘s Evolution Studios, communicates differently than Sony , never revisited the entire concept , but merely improved core functions . “The vision behind , Drive Club ‘ has never changed. In Evolution Studios we had the idea for the game already about ten years ago and it was always there , “said Rustchynsky . The statement that you have the concept thrown overboard in the meantime , was based on a misunderstanding . Whoever fears that the Evolution Studios have taken the MMO element of ” Club Drive ” breathes again: The developers have experts brought on board .

“We have a racing game specialists with this genre , of course, a lot of experience . But a game with such a strong social aspect is something else. Thus we have of course already experimented , such as , motor sport RC ‘ , but when , Drive Club ‘ has the much larger proportions. Since we had to get some experts to ensure that we also can implement all the functions that we imagine. However, we have now amassed a lot of knowledge . We also have the market very closely , because we’ll play even title with a strong social aspect . We play MMOs and Moba . So we have a lot of self- observed and learned. We hope that we can get to the qualities of these Games. ”

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Also Rustchynsky presented again clear that gamers do not have to worry about annoying micro-transactions . “I ‘m even players and I hear regularly in the community in, check to see what it thinks of our and other products. We have of course also in view , Drive Club ‘ done . And there will be no things in the game that can unlock via micro-transactions of the players. We will not sell new content as DLC that come after the release . But it was important to us that players who buy , Drive Club ‘ on Blu -ray get a complete game . ” An attitude that many gamblers are allowed to speak from the heart. A new trailer provides a fresh taste of the title.

Drive Club: Previous messages to PS4 racing game Update (11 April 2014)

Only a few days ago Ubisoft’s upcoming racing game “The Crew ” disqualified for many gamers , after the publisher had announced that the full price titles support the upgrade of the virtual car via micro-transactions . Buy free play instead – that is not good for hardcore gamers to . Just as in ” Drive Club ” developer Evolution Studios : Via Twitter designated design chief Paul Rustchynsky the penetration of pay trends recently as a plague . On demand of a gamer , he clarified : ” Drive Club” comes without in-game sales from . This should collect credits for many players Sony PS4 late racer . PS Plus members get the title after all free and now fear for no additional cost . Unfortunately, still written in the stars , when the originally recognized as a Playstation 4 launch title next-gen racer appears. After layoffs in the home evolution and the departure of Game Director Col Rodgers stretched Sony , the time window for release in the spring of 2014 to the year 2014.