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The Ultimate Worlds | May 25, 2018

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German Antivirus G Data Internet Security : Bank Guard secures online banking

German Antivirus G Data Internet Security : Bank Guard secures online banking
Romano Abraham

With the G Data Internet Security CBE your PC is protected for one year against malware attacks – for free! In order to use the software over the entire period , you have every three months to request a new license key. G Data Suite received the top grade in virus protection.

Security Made in Germany

As a German company , G Data has to particularly strict guidelines followed. In addition, G Data , the working group ” IT Security made in Germany” ( ITSMIG ) launched . All ITSMIG Members undertake to fulfill certain principles – for example , that the products offered no hidden accesses ( ” backdoors “) may contain and that the undertakings concerned comply with the requirements of the German data protection law. G-Data – chairman Frank Heisler goes further and guarantees that the manufacturer of Intelligence makes no exceptions. Thus, G Data is therefore significantly more reliable than, say, a U.S. company .

CloseGap : Miss

Each virus protection, as well he might be, has gaps. The white also G Data and therefore uses a trick: Instead of relying on a single virus detection , two independent systems operate in the G Data Internet Security. All that the first of these scanners can be examined by , for safety’s sake once a second . This technique is called G Data ” CloseGap ” (close gap).

Bank Guard secures online banking

Online banking a reliable protection program is particularly important. However, a signature-based detection of malware not sufficient for this , because new banking Trojan partially already appear every minute. G Data has therefore incorporated the Bank Guard protection technology in the software. The principle: banking Trojan change data in the PC’s memory , so he sends false data to the bank. This is where a Bank Guard : The technique detects tampering with the memory immediately. Thus, even brand new banking Trojans have no chance.