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The Ultimate Worlds | May 21, 2018

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More and more cameras capture wild forest walker

Romano Abraham

With special hidden in the bushes cameras hunters want to know when, where and which is wild on the go. This alerts the data protectionists. In Rhineland -Palatinate already subject to criminal fines of 5,000 euros and processes.

Wild cameras : Photo Illegal traps

The old phrase ” The forest has 1,000 eyes ” gets a new meaning : not only animals, but also more and more cameras watching Hikers on forest roads. Already more than 100,000 hunters have mounted in Germany Wild cameras in the woods, suspected of Rhineland-Palatinate Data Protection Officer Edgar Wagner – illegal. Alone in his state he estimates their number at about 30,000 based on the sales of discount stores that offer the more technically sophisticated camera traps already for around 100 euros.

Wagner threatens hunters in Rhineland -Palatinate , which , despite being requested not to remove their cameras for monitoring wild , to a fine of 5,000 euros . In the second half of 2014, he expects initial lawsuits few struggling forming hunters. “We are nationwide the first to have set a fine amount ,” says the head of private data protection in Wagner’s authority in Mainz, Stefan Brink. ” A process with us could have a signaling effect nationwide.”

Camera allowed only with special permission

Approved exceptions to be photographed or film-makers, game cameras are available for a protected areas such as wildlife bridges over roads or scientific projects such as the census of rare animals. Most of the often well-disguised spies forest with motion capture theoretically but also walkers, joggers and mushrooming illegal. ” Who knows , for the carefree forest adventure is gone ,” says Brink. “We have already received over 100 entries against wild cameras.”

Hesse : Cameras in inaccessible areas

An exception Hesse: Here enter any high seats and Lockfütterungsstellen for Wild is in contrast to other countries expressly prohibited by law. Therefore, it is permissible here if hunters off of forest roads and with clear signs anbrächten cameras, says Michael Becker, employees of the Hessian Data Protection Supervisor Michael Ronellenfitsch.

Hunters fight back

The Landesjagdverband Rhineland -Palatinate defends himself : “A fine of 5,000 euros we believe to be unlawful,” says his spokesman Guenther D. Klein. “We want to run a test case to defend us.” A camera could help hunters to hunt more effectively, because they know better , when each game was on the way. “Working Hunters may not be available 24 hours in the woods. ” In addition, shots could easily be avoided to gentle animals – such as on female wild boar with young.

According to Klein hunters bring their cameras at the point where it is unlikely that forest visitors in front of the lens came – if only because their smell sells the game. Nothing keeps the Landesjagdverband of signs : ” They would have an invitation to theft. ” Klein also points to the request of farmers, strengthened to hunt wild boar , as their stocks were increasing and they damaged more and more corn fields.

Wild cameras are countries thing

The Federal Data Protection Commissioner Andrea Voßhoff is not responsible for electronic forest monitoring . This is for the country , says a spokesman. And the privacy commissioner went differently vehemently against wild before cameras.