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The Ultimate Worlds | May 21, 2018

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Sony developed 185 terabytes record cassette tape

Sony developed 185 terabytes record cassette tape
Romano Abraham

Comeback of an Eighties relic? The Japanese firm introduces the next generation memory that captures up to 185 terabytes and is based on magnetic tape – a new record.

That’s right: Technology giant Sony has unveiled a magnetic tape cassette having a storage density of 22 gigabits per square centimeter on the Intermag Europe 2014 in Dresden – the permitted a gigantic storage space of up to 185 terabytes. But who has ever have a tape drive today?

Mega cartridge for companies and archives

Answer: Most large service providers and enterprises with many servers and data centers. The latest example of Sony demonstrates how an enormous amount of memory nowadays, you can pack on a single magnetic tape cassette. Although takes to access the data longer and the write speed is slower than a hard drive – but that is of secondary importance for the mere filing of documents. The new mega – cassette is therefore not intended for the mass market.

Sony launches on cassette record

Sony stated that they had developed magnetic particles just 7.7 nanometers in size – a revolution. So far, the largest cassette comprised 2.5 terabytes , Sony now packs the 74- times more memory on the magnetic tape . In parallel, the company has for some time working on a successor to the Blu -ray Disc , which should also have a terabyte of storage . When Sony’s new super – memory to come on the market , still written in the stars , as well as its price .