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The Ultimate Worlds | May 21, 2018

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Samsung presents Galaxy S5 all-rounder

Samsung presents Galaxy S5 all-rounder
Dr. Yehia Mechref
The new Samsung Galaxy S5. Photo: Reuters

The new Samsung Galaxy S5. Photo: Reuters

The expectations for the new flagship smartphone Samsung were huge, after the presentation at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona on Monday night but the reaction of the observers failed mixed.

For one shines the new top model with top technical data and new features . So the Galaxy S5 has not only a faster chip , but has now similar to the rival iPhone 5s with a fingerprint sensor . In addition, the device has been equipped with several fitness functions. But some observers was the innovativeness of the South Koreans do not go far enough.

For weeks, speculation has been hot about the new features . Now it is : The Samsung Galaxy S5 will come on April 11 in 150 countries on the market, announced mobile boss JK Shin . The new S5 has a big screen with a diagonal of 5.1 inches ( 12.9 cm) and a 16- megapixel camera. The device is also – like the Xperia rival Sony – protected against dust and splash water . The heart rate monitor , and it includes the steps of the user.

The World’s Largest smartphone maker jumps so heavily on to the trend towards fitness gadgets. The group also presented the data clock Gear Fit . It is similar to the fitness bracelets Sony and Huawei , which can point in conjunction with a smart phone on incoming e – mails and short messages on their display , however . For the first time , a curved AMOLED screen is in the process been processed, stressed European Manager Jean -Daniel Ayme .

A new edition of his computer clock Galaxy Gear , the group had already presented a few days before the Mobile World Congress . The market for so-called wearables have a lot of potential , said Samsung Manager Mario Winter dpa . No combination of smartphone and SmartWatch on the market is so strong coordinated as the device presented by Samsung.

Samsung is measured at its smartphone top models traditionally associated with Apple , whose iPhones are still the most successful premium smartphones. The rival had missed the iPhone 5s last fall, a fingerprint scanner for detection of the user. Users of the S5 can not only unlock by fingerprint their smartphone , but also pay : Samsung joined to a partnership with PayPal. The fingerprint scan can replace the login information for the account with the payment service .

The specialized portal then spoke of a “big security risk.” “Like the fingerprints are stored and protected in exactly Samsung has so far been unable to explain to the last detail . ” They pointed out that it had not lasted on iPhone 5S until the fingerprint sensor has been hacked.

Of the first four generations of the Galaxy S smartphones so far over 200 million units were sold , JK Shin said. The last version of Galaxy S4 was introduced in March 2013. Apple sold last year, more than 150 million iPhones and thus secured himself , despite a relatively small market share below 15 percent , according to experts a large portion of the profits in the smartphone business. From Samsung comes almost every third world selling smartphone , but among them are many cheap devices.

Other manufacturers also want to establish themselves in business with the lucrative high-end models.

What does the new Samsung

The Galaxy S5 screen has the resolution of an HD-compatible display , the processor runs at four cores . The unit brings 145 grams on the scale and is offered in several colors, including blue and gold. Unlike its predecessor , the S5 has a perforated back in velvety matte material appearance . Samsung particular raises the camera functions out : Focus imagine in just 0.3 seconds . According to Jean -Daniel Ayme the Galaxy S5 is also the world’s first smartphone that supports both fast LTE Advanced and the new Wi -Fi standard Mimo . This would allow for the first time both standards used simultaneously and the speed can be duplicated so , Winter said.

The appearance at the Mobile World Congress had prepared with a hefty marketing budget Samsung. Many observers responded therefore disappointed. Instead of a large litter Samsung have only improved its flagship smartphone in some functions. The absence of any significant innovations might disappoint some customers that would have significantly more new products expected , cited the “Wall Street Journal ” analysts.

Such expectations holds winter , however, be exaggerated . In the Galaxy S5 put a lot of innovations. Why should Samsung invent a successful new design . ” It’s not more a matter of inventing now the round smartphone. ” Currently seems to be the little things would bring forward the market. And between the S5 and its predecessor, the technology leap is significantly greater than it was between the S3 and S4.