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The Ultimate Worlds | May 21, 2018

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” I do not come back in ’20 my ” Kikuchi defendant apology

Staff Reporter

Tokyo Metropolitan Government mail bombings that Aum Shinrikyo was raised in 1995 , the first trial of a lay judge trial based on the cult followers Naoko Kikuchi defendant (42) was accused of aiding the crime , such as attempted murder is, Tokyo afternoon the 8th trial was followed by ( Sugiyama Shinji Chief Justice ) district court.

Mototo staff Masaaki Utsumi, who lost all the fingers of the left hand in the bomb ( 63) appeared in court as a prosecution witness. Apology for Kikuchi defendant, and said, ” even if it is too late to say, it does not came back in ’20 of me.” May 16, 95 , when I opened the mail addressed to the Governor, Mr. Utsumi was seriously injured in the explosion.

When asked your impression on the case of the prosecutor, looked back , ” was also likely to lose their lives, but I think also happy and rarely needs more than this degree of damage. ‘s Mixed feelings ” he said. For Kikuchi defendant that sent the fugitive life of 17 years, said, ” If so . Likely to have continued to run away because there was a sense of guilt, but the way of people ‘s atone for sin ” he said. There was no questioning that in about 40 minutes, make eye contact with the defendant .