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The Ultimate Worlds | May 21, 2018

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Metal Detector Cannot Detect Plastic 3D Printing Gun

Staff Reporter

In cases gun found plastic pistol made ​​of (three-dimensional ) printer and 3D (3D print gun) is found, arrested in Swords and Firearms Control Law on suspicion of violating Imura KeiTomo suspect of private university staff Kanagawa prefectural police, ( 27) you are investigating to look to get the printer and design data of a gun on the Internet , one person at home , ( Takatsu -ku, Kawasaki -shi ) is, and was manufactured .

Situation that has been concern becomes reality , experts of gun control is alarmed “Review of laws and regulations is necessary ” he said.

From April this year , Imura suspect was working as a contract staff in the science college . He graduated from vocational technical school , and had a skill qualifications , such as lathe , but according to the University, that it is not that it was also used in off-the-job also work on the 3D printer on campus.

I speak Nobuo Komiya, a professor of Risshodai familiar with gun crime ( criminology ) , the ” situation in which the shake from the ground up gun control in the country .” According to Professor Komiya , Japan has taken a strict regulatory principles , also produced also prohibit possession . Gun anti-social forces such as organized crime groups are also dealing , smuggling from abroad majority. However, a possibility that can be produced by anyone , is used in the crime came out in the future .

Sugawa KenYosuke Professor of Niigata University who studies the law over the 3D printer ( Information Law ), if made ​​of resin , it can not be detected by metal detectors that are used in venues and sporting events airport, a new I point out the danger.

3D printers , apparatus for making the stereoscopic . Shape the object by reading using a PC data to the design drawing , and dissolved materials such as resin by heat stacking layers of ultra-thin 0.01 millimeters. Cheap product of ¥ 100,000 around out there already.

In Australia , for verification , based on the blueprint that has been leaked on the net , local police is making a plastic gun that can fire a metal bullet . Electronic version of the paper Australian Sydney Morning Herald , reported, ” local police made ​​at 27 hours using a home 3D printer, the cost was 200,000 yen or less”.