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The Ultimate Worlds | May 21, 2018

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An intelligent joystick capable of detecting emotions

An intelligent joystick capable of detecting emotions
Desk Reporter

A prototype joystick “intelligent” equipped with sensors that measure physiological parameters of the player has been developed.

More interactivity with gaming consoles? Researchers at Stanford University (United States of America ) are firmly believe and are currently working on a master controller that ” reads” the emotions of whoever controls it.

We are only in the prototype phase: this unique model was created in the Laboratory of Professor Gregory Transducers Kovacs. Interest? Adjust the gaming experience for each player depending on its condition and its reactions.

The principle is based on the non- invasive use of biometric sensors disposed on the surface of the handle which detect physiological parameters such as heart rate , respiration, temperature or perspiration . Thus, the difficulty of the game can be adjusted in real time according to these factors. Easier for anxious or nervous edgy players , it would be enhanced if the boredom and weariness otherwise.

An innovative initiative:

PROJECT. Initially, the idea comes from Corey McCall , PhD student in the laboratory of Kovacs, who is interested in different ways to measure the activity of the autonomic nervous system. It is the latter that changes whether you are happy, sad or bored , influencing certain functions of our body.

Realizing he could recover a large number of data just from the hands of one person, it equips the back of an Xbox 360 controller for small sensors that measure changes in heart rate and respiratory rate . The project was born.

Towards a better gaming experience framed:

GAMEPLAY . Presented at the International Consumer Electronics Show earlier this year , the appeals process and made ​​about him . The next phase of the work is now trying to collect information on the profile of the player directly into the console to offer an optimal gameplay in the long term.

But the handle could have other applications, less likely to appeal to compulsive users of consoles … As monitor screen time spent by younger . ” To reassure parents concerned about the playing time of their children , we can consider , for example, remind them that it is time for them to take a break ,” says McCall. By what means ? The researchers explain, for the moment, not .