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The Ultimate Worlds | May 25, 2018

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Drones banned from U.S. National Parks

Drones banned from U.S. National Parks
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The Yosemite park in California and one in Utah Zion took drastic measures against flying machines/Drones invading their sky.

” The Yosemite National Park informs visitors that the use of unmanned flying vehicles ( UAVs ) is prohibited within the park boundaries ” proclaims a message published on May 2 on the web page of this natural reserve in the mountains of the Sierra Nevada.

The reason for that? The ever increasing number of visitors who land in these majestic places with a drone under his arm, with a view to make aerial photographs of the site.

But these flying machines equipped with camera are not as harmless as it seems. ” The drones can be extremely noisy and thus infect the soundscape of the site,” the statement said .

Ever greater noise

These machines interfere with the tranquility of other visitors and can disrupt any relief efforts , said the text also recalls that the drones also disturb wildlife in the area where they live. ” The peregrine falcons that nest in the cliffs are particularly susceptible to this type of pollution ” specify the park authorities .

INCIDENT. Three days after the publication of this ban, Zion National Park followed suit than Yosemite . And for the same reasons. But this is an incident that set fire to the powder.

” Witnesses reported seeing a flying drone very close to a herd of bighorn sheep . They observed how the herd was dispersed approach drone , separating young parents ” reported in a statement authorities of the park . ” The harassment of wildlife in the park is illegal and the use of drones ” indignant text.
6 months imprisonment and $ 5,000 fine

” The animals can get hurt trying to escape the drones , says Cassie Waters, Park Biologist . Drones can also change the behavior of animals and induce in them an increase in activity and thus energy expenditure . Which, ultimately may affect their survival and reproductive success . so we are very concerned about these drones and their effects on the wild ” life is concerned biologist .

ENERGY EXPENDITURE . “I am convinced that most people who fly drones did not intend to hurt animals or endanger other visitors , tempers Jim Milestone, the superintendent . But many of them do not probably know that it is forbidden to fly a drone here in Zion . ”

Park said that the use of such a flying machine within its borders is liable to six months imprisonment and $ 5000 fine.