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The Ultimate Worlds | May 21, 2018

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Foldable drone that fits in a package

Foldable drone that fits in a package
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Ultra compact, this three-bladed frame is able to carry a GoPro camera in the air for 20 minutes.

Its designers were asking $ 35,000 for the market , they have collected nearly 930,000 on the crowdfunding platform Kickstarter! Hence the enthusiasm aroused by this project “pocket drone ” is trying to bring to market an American engineers group.

Their idea is based on a simple observation: users drones being fond of beautiful aerial shots , need to easily transport their machines with them when they move to new landscapes to explore.

A compact and cut drone for aerial photography

Now walk with itself DJI Phantom 30 centimeters square , or a big hexacoptère can be tiring and complicated. Certainly, there are in the market for drones much more compact , but the machines are not always so cut for aerial photography .

“We have reviewed hundreds of designs compact drones throughout the country , but we found nothing really satisfying ,” says in the video below Timothy Reuter, co- founder of the company AirDroids . ” Some of these devices are powerful but complex to assemble. Others are easily transportable , but very limited in their functionality ,” continued the engineer.

Presentation Pocket Drone by the project developers

Also, this team of inventors she dug around ideas to develop this tricoptère whose arms but also propellers fold . According to its designers , it takes only twenty seconds to make it operational for flight once out of its cover .

The drone and the space it occupies when folded

In addition to its compact size, this product will on paper very impressive features . With three engines , the machine would be able to take in the air a GoPro camera ( lifting capacity of 220 grams ) for an impressive 20 minutes . Double the most enduring compact drones.
Impressive technical capabilities

Pocket Drone is equipped with an autopilot system , which allows the user to define his flight plan via Google Maps. In addition, the device offers a “follow me ” mode that allows it to be based on the GPS data from your smartphone to follow you alone. Ideal for making aerial shots of your sports performance in open field.


According to the technical specifications provided by the team, the craft would move at a speed of 60 km / h and is capable of evolving to 1500 meters from the driver.

FPV kit (first person view) to display the pilot perceives that the drone via a remote display is not yet available , but the team ensures to work on, as well as a stabilization system of the camera to avoid jerks due to the drive .

Deliveries of the first devices ( sold about $ 500 each) are expected by the end of next summer.