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The Ultimate Worlds | May 21, 2018

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Pinocchio Rex, the Last Dinosaur

Pinocchio Rex, the Last Dinosaur
Romano Abraham

Remnants of this specimen with a slender nose were found in southern China. He would have lived there more than 66 million years and may have witnessed the fatal fall of meteorites to dinosaurs.


Its existence was already suspected by many paleontologists, but now seems to be confirmed by bone discovered almost intact near Ganzhou , a city in southern China . The finding was reported in an article in the journal Nature this Wednesday, May 7

Pinocchio rex nicknamed because of his long nose , the dinosaur roamed Asia there are about 66 million years ago during the Cretaceous period , according to the researchers .


Its name refers particularly to Tyrannosaurus rex, one of the most famous and terrifying dinosaurs that ever trod the soil of our planet. Pinocchio lived in the same period but did not belong to the family of T -Rex .

Stephen Brusatte , a paleontologist at the University of Edinburgh ( UK ), co- author of the article , and advanced some of their different physical characteristics: a much longer snout or the presence of a row of horns on the nose.

  • A particular specimen


Its official name Qianzhousaurus sinensis, this dinosaur was smaller than the T -Rex . Its dimensions are still impressive : a weight of about a ton and a size of over 9 meters in length.

Featuring an elongated , thick teeth, a powerful jaw skull, it would therefore not have what envy his distant cousin. Both were terrifying carnivores, but it does not hunted the same prey . His teeth are more numerous and sharp but not giving it the same force as those of Tyrannosaurus , it was more likely to seek smaller prey .

  • One of the last survivors of the Cretaceous


According to a press release from the University of Edinburgh , Pinocchio rex could be the first of a new line of dinosaurs long muzzle, at which new species are likely to be added .

According to Stephen Brusatte , he was one of the last surviving dinosaurs , making him a witness to the impact of meteorites fatal to terrible lizards – the fall of ” cosmic rocks” being considered responsible for the extinction of these animals.