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The Ultimate Worlds | May 21, 2018

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Eurovision Songs most Curious and Bizarre Geeks

Eurovision Songs most Curious and Bizarre Geeks
Staff Reporter

The Eurovision Song Contest has definitely become a freak show scale. Each event usually appears a group wanting to give the note and surely this year will not be different. So we will show you the most geeks, strange and bizarre actions. The Eurovision Song Contest, often shortened ESC, or Eurovision, is an annual song competition held among the member countries of the European Broadcasting Union since 1956.


Approaches one of the events in the year grotesque . If you’re thinking about the Eurovision Song Contest , you are correct .

In recent editions seems to have awakened a desire to make this a festival than music freak .

Proof of this are some of the actions with which we have ” delighted ” some countries years ago and have been repeated at least last edition .

For example , in 2008 , had as Spanish representative to Rodolfo Chikilicuatre . When we say we mean representative geek icon.

This action embarrassed and amused in equal measure.

The truth is that acquired much fame in Spain that everyone sang the song, from celebrities to the last neighbor innermost people.

Chiki- Chiki was the most danced and hummed in 2008 in Spain that song.

# 2 Bestial

Lordi is a Finnish heavy metal band that left Europe with his mouth open in the Eurovision Song Contest 2006.

In addition to his music, Lordi surprised respectable pints with which they appeared, and which is the hallmark of the group.

So much so that this year were the winners of the festival.

If you did not know of its existence, we will show the video of their performance.

# 3 Russian Dolls

When we thought we had seen everything about geeks and bizarre actions of the Eurovision Song Contest, a group of dear old made ​​an appearance to tighten this curious ranking.

If we already costs conceive this contest as a ” feast for all ” seems harder if chosen to transmit that fun are six elderly women with a song called “Party for Everybody” and that they themselves composed.

It was in 2012 when the delight of all Europe , who jumped , danced and bolted to ritmazo “Party for Everybody” .

So great was the success of this performance , which reached the second place that year , unequivocal proof of the excellence that secretes this great festival of European music .

We show the video in case you had not heard and you want to include the song on the soundtrack of your car.

# 4 A performance of Poier

The Austrian Alf Poier is personified that need not leave disguised in outlandish costumes or dressed in a traditional costume to give the song in the Eurovision test.

You can also give the note with a beret and a red shirt. Without further .

This Austrian comedian said in 2003 6th place his country with the song ” Weil der Mensch zählt ” comes to mean “Man is the measure of all things.”

With this action , the comic would parody the Eurovision Song Contest and its excesses .

# 5 El Pavo Irish

Dustin is a turkey Irish television presenter even .

If Eurovision was pensbais reserved for the most illustrious ” human ” singers of the old continent space, you were wrong.

There is also room for stuffed animals or puppets or whatever is Dustin .

This turkey represented Ireland in 2008 (a good year Eurovision ) with his song Irelande Douze Pointe .

No doubt stands as the most bizarre Eurovision performance ever.