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The Ultimate Worlds | May 25, 2018

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Best apps to get the most out WhatsApp

Best apps to get the most out WhatsApp
Staff Reporter

Looking for the best related apps for WhatsApp? Want to make the most of this popular instant messaging application ? You can back up, put password to your message, Install and email stickers and more. Do not miss our selection for iOS and Android. Here is review on best WhatsApp engaged for iOS and Android devices.


One of the best apps for WhastsApp is Whatsafe, an iOS app that includes a lot of tools that will be very useful .

One is the ability to protect your messages with a password, as well as backing up all of them.

You can also filter, search your messages and personalize your conversations , among other features.

You can also share them on social networks or print them, but remember to always have the consent of the other person.

If you want to protect your conversations, WhatLock for Android is the application you were looking for. With it you can put a password to your messages in Whatsapp and thus maintain your privacy.

Its operation is very simple: you will have to set a pin and a security question in case you forget which one you choose . Since then , I asked , anytime access to your messages.


Whatsapp makes an automatic backup to your device every day around 4 in the morning.

What makes Free WhatsBack make a backup of this file in the cloud, specifically in Google Drive.

In the free version the user can not choose what day this automatic backup is done, since by default will be on Wednesdays and Saturdays.

To do this , you must download the paid version. The free version is available on Android and will be very useful in the case of being robbed mobile or marred , as you can be sure not to miss your posts WhatsApp.

Text Backup for Android is an application which allows you to export your Whatsapp conversations in the desired format : TXT , CSV, and HTML XLXS.

Allows the option to filter by date and conversation as well as the ability to email it (although the original application already allows this functionality).

Furthermore, emoji icons can be displayed in HTML format.

# 5 Scheduler for WhatsApp

You know your friend ‘s birthday is May 15 , but not always remember at the right time (sometimes days later you realize how bad you are friend ).

If you want to avoid arguments , Scheduler for WhatsApp is a perfect way to schedule your posts , so they are shipped on the date and time you choose.

Definitely one of the best apps for Whatsapp for those who do not enjoy a good memory. It is available for Android for free.
# 6 Fontsy

Fontsy is an application for iOS and Android which allows you to change the font of your messages in WhatsApp .

Furthermore, it is not only compatible with this application , you can also enjoy it in Gmail , Instagram , Facebook Messenger , Twitter, Line, Kik and Kakao Talk.

Thus, your conversations will be the most original .

# 7 WhatStat

Dreaming of Excel and you spend your life doing graphics? Do you think everything in life should be measured?

This Android application use absolutely all measures you give Whatsapp : what is the person with whom you speak more, the time of day in which you use the application more …

You can see how many messages you have sent in all, your top 5 friends and even who is speaking more to the conversation.

Do you always tell your friend that you have to talk to you forever? WhatStat also calculated the percentage of times that each conversation has begun.

Scary, right? If the downloads , you know the consequences …

# 8 Drawto WhatsApp

Drawto is an iOS app which allows you to draw with a variety of brushes and colors.

Can you share your secretion in Whatsapp , Facebok , Twitter or email, but you can also save it to your device.

Pefect to surprise someone!

# 9 Paint for WhatsApp

Like the previous application , Paint for Whatsapp for Android is an app that lets you share your pictures on Whatsapp.

Its operation is very simple: select the background color, brush size and color and start drawing .
# 10 Stickers for Free WhatsApp

Stickers for Free WhatsApp is an iOS app that lets you send these stickers on the application. Contains a selection of over 400 stickers and over 400 animated gifs. In addition, it also supports Line, Tumblr, Telegram, Twitter , Facebook, KakaoTalk , Kik Messenger, WeChat and more.