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The Ultimate Worlds | May 21, 2018

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Colorado celebrates first marijuana vending machines

Colorado celebrates first marijuana vending machines
Dr. Yehia Mechref

Business with marijuana is running in the U.S. state of Colorado smoothly: Since January 1, consumers can purchase their cannabis legally required, the Treasury roamed around two million dollars in tax revenue from the “Deals” in the first month. So it is only logical that now the first cannabis-vending machine was installed.

It is already regarded as the future of marijuana trafficking in the United States: On the weekend of the first cannabis-vending machine in Avon, a small town in Colorado, celebrated its premiere. The garish green machine, which bears the name “ZaZZZ” was erected in the local Montana’s Smokehouse, where they solemnly little later – was put into operation – stocked with a selection of marijuana products.

” ZaZZZ ” is the first machine of its kind like machine although there is already , but these are placed in drug stores and pharmacies – and have a salesperson between themselves and their customers. That is about to change with ” ZaZZZ ” .
” No room for theft by customers or employees ”

The vending machine operators and nearby marijuana shops ” Herbal Elements” , Greg Honan owner is , in any event, excited about his new acquisition : “We are delighted , ‘ ZaZZZ ‘ to put into operation so that we can easily simply keep track of the inventory. . We eliminate the middleman . There is no room for theft by customers or employees, ” Honan told the local radio station ” Fox31 Denver . ”

But just as easily buy such as a chocolate bar or a can of coke can be the cannabis treats with ” ZaZZZ ” not – so nothing small change in, press the button and nibble cookies. The vending machine purchase will only work with a valid prescription . Consumers need an appropriate medical ID card, which must be scanned and verified before ” ZaZZZ ” its products are free .
Machine manufacturer sees bright future

The makers of the machine gave euphoric at launch . “We had earlier can not dream us . Taking this step, we start in the future , Stephen Shearin said, his company American Green manufactures the machines. Soon He wants more ” up zaZZZ ” in Colorado.

The interest in the cannabis – vending machines is certainly large, the financial world squints interested in the future growth market. ” These machines could be as common as cigarette vending machines were once ,” said Fred Fuld ‘s , founder of the first marijuana stock market index in the U.S., optimistic about the future of ” zaZZZ ” .