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The Ultimate Worlds | May 25, 2018

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The first bionic arm marketed in the United States by DARPA

The first bionic arm marketed in the United States by DARPA
Romano Abraham

The first high-tech arm prosthesis has been authorized in the USA. It allows you to perform activities of daily living such as eating or opening a door.

The U.S. Agency Drug Administration (FDA ) has approved for marketing the first high-tech prosthetic arm. It not only captures an object, but also feel it. At first, A chip in the prosthesis resulting muscle contractions Called ” DEKA Arm System”, this prosthesis is manufactured by the company DEKA Integrated Solutions in Manchester in the United States . It is connected to the nerves of the arm , while existing grafts only allow gripping action ( that is to say the means of grasping an object ), not feeling.


Posted by DARPA ( agency of the U.S. Department of Defense ), a video shows one of the patients tested DEKA system being manipulated eggs without breaking them.

In February, an artificial limb with a sensory system has been successfully tested for the first time on an amputee who has found the sense of touch. This result was not obtained by American researchers but by a European project LifeHand 2, bringing together universities and Italian, Swiss and German hospitals.


Specifically, this system is based on an electromyogram , a medical technique that can record muscle activity : it allows , with electrodes located near the place where the artificial arm is attached to detect the electrical activity produced by muscle contractions . The electrodes transmit the electrical signals to an electronic chip in which translates the prosthesis in various specific movements.

90% of patients achieved their actions that were previously impossible


The decision of the FDA relies on the results of a project conducted by the Department of Veterans Affairs from 36 people who showed performance arm through life everyday clinical trial. The study has established that approximately 90 % of participants were able to conduct business through the arm with which they were previously impossible with their current prosthesis, like turning a key in a lock , eating, cooking, and close open a zipper or combing or brushing teeth.

Arm “DEKA ” can be programmed for people who lost their severed limb just below the shoulder , elbow or half the arm. But it can not work if the bottom is cut , the articulation of the shoulder or wrist.