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The Ultimate Worlds | May 21, 2018

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Google Doodle pays tribute to a chemist who deciphered insulin

Google Doodle pays tribute to a chemist who deciphered insulin
Romano Abraham

The search engine Google celebrates the birth day of Dorothy Hodgkin, a pioneer in the study of protein structure. There are just 104 years , May 12, 1910, born Dorothy Hodgkin. One of the emblematic figures of UK research in chemistry. In this May 12, 2014, the search engine so honored him with a doodle.

CRYSTALLOGRAPHY: Died at the age of 84 years, Dorothy Hodgkin helped by his work perfecting techniques to understand how the material is organized : the X-ray diffraction

Video explaining the history , interest, and the principle of X-ray crystallography Credit: The Royal Institution (British learned society).

STRUCTURE: His work has revealed how was organized geometry of key molecules such as cholesterol , penicillin, vitamin B12, beta- lactoglobulin (a milk protein), ferritin (which allows the absorption and storage of iron ), or that the virus tobacco mosaic.
International recognition:

But it is especially bitter for 34 years to unravel the mysteries of the structure of insulin is known as Dorothy Hodgkin. In 1969 , she and her team are able to finally understand how organized this complex molecule, namely insulin.

His work earned him the recognition of the scientific community and numerous awards. Including the most prestigious of them: in 1964 , she received the Nobel Prize in Chemistry for his “determination by X-ray techniques of the structures of important biochemical substances.”

It is also decorated with the Order of Merit in 1965 and in 1976 received the Copley Medal , the oldest and most prestigious award from the Royal Society ( the London Academy of Sciences ), which she joined benches him 1947. Academy of Sciences of Russia also honor the Lomonosov medal in 1982.

Photo Caption Note: Dorothy Hodgkin, assists as president in May 1983 , at a Pugwash conference of scientists to discuss nuclear threat, disarmament and world peace. Credit: AFP / Ria Novosti.

Humanist: In addition to his scientific work , Dorothy Hodgkin actively involved in improving the lives of the city. It participates in the “Pugwash movement”, a gathering of influential personalities in the political and academic world with the primary mission to reduce the threat of armed conflict in the world . Motion to receive the Nobel Peace Prize in 1995. Dorothy Hodgkin will chair between 1976 and 1988. It will also receive the Lenin Prize for Peace in 1987.