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The Ultimate Worlds | May 21, 2018

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New Canon PowerShot G1X Mark II Camera

New Canon PowerShot G1X Mark II Camera
Staff Reporter

New multi-format CMOS sensor with 3:2 and 4:3 12.8 and 13.1 Mpix. Canon PowerShot G1X Mark II Camera.

  • Optics 24-120 mm ( 5X zoom ) 1:2-3,9 brightly.
  • Folding screen 180 º / -45 º, now fully touch.
  • 5.2 fps Burst compatible with UHS -1 SD cards.
  • It will be available in a few weeks at a price of 899 €.

With a week before its official launch in Spain, specifically the next day May 21, Canon has given us the first unit that arrived in Spain the new model of its renowned PowerShot G range, the G1X Mark II. It’s been two years since the filing of the G1X, who debuted as the first of the G range with smaller CMOS sensor, inch and a half , only 20% a APS- C of riding SLRs low end . This model had a 28-112 mm ( 35 mm equiv ) with optical luminosity 1:2,5-5,8.

For its high price, came to compete with mid-range SLR and compact interchangeable lens models. Their focal lengths and luminosity, modest for a model in its class , the accuracy of auto focus , improved the performance of the burst mode limited to 6 photos at full speed, and poor battery life , meant that this model received many reviews by users. Two years later it seems that since Canon have taken note of all these reviews and the new Canon PowerShot G1X Mark II have taken the rest. In this video we present it.

Canon PowerShot G1X Mark II, a camera to tell stories

The new GX1 Mark II mounts a new sensor, CMOS and inch and a half as his predecessor, but in this case multi 3:2 and 4:3, with 12.8 effective megapixels and 13.1 respectively.

The new model incorporates a broader perspective, with a somewhat shorter -angle 24 mm and a TV that reaches 120 mm, or what is the same, a 5X optical zoom. The strength of this new perspective is the luminosity, with an enviable maximum aperture of 2 and 3.9 at the ends offered. In addition, a maximum ISO of 12,800 with a noise level of content, an intelligent stabilization and neutral density filter enjoyed by the G series , the task even easier. The combination is almost perfect.

Also noteworthy in this regard the minimum focusing distance , passing the 20 cm and 85 cm in wide angle tele initial model G1X, only 5 cm and 40 cm in this new Mark II version.

Smaller but slightly heavier and with new controls

A design level presents more contained than the first G1X , partly the result of having removed dimensional optical viewfinder. Possibly this will be one of the most criticized by many, but from our point of view is a success because from the first models of the G series the viewer did not quite find his place.

However, in the absence of integrated visor is possible to get one email with XGA resolution , which can be mounted on the upper shoe , an essential accessory , now having a real 100% coverage facilitates and improves the composition of the picture.

On top of the new G1X Mark II has disappeared the control dial and exposure compensation on the front dial on the front, which have been replaced by a double control ring on the lens, both fully customizable. One manageable steps, and by the second hour, allow you to move through the menus, shooting with preset focal length or adjust the focus accurately.

Folding screen and touch technology

If we focus on the back , the first thing that strikes you is its screen . The new model , like its predecessor, features a 3 “monitor mobile. However, in this case is not fully articulated and can vary its inclination limited to between 180 superiorly and inferiorly 45.

It is a touch panel for easy operation of the camera. The strange thing is that no means disappeared , as often happens when provided with a touch screen , the control dial or macro buttons , setting the flash sensitivity function. A detailed rating positive.

Gusts to 5.2 fps unlimited with UHS -1 cards

Another point to note is the new burst mode. Now, the G1X Mark II is capable of shooting cadences up to 5.2 frames per second with the only limitation on the capacity of the card.

We recommend using SD units compatible with the new UHS -1 technology. In regards to burst directly, the figure drops to 3.1 shots per second and 3 if we force the focus on each exposure. And how could it be otherwise , the new G1X incorporates WiFi and NFC , so that link the camera with a smartphone is really easy , and sync and can even capture images remotely from the wireless, child’s play.