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The Ultimate Worlds | May 21, 2018

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The best sites to learn programming for free

The best sites to learn programming for free
Romano Abraham

Everybody want to get started in the world of programming but do not know where to start? Thanks to sites to learn how to program for free, you can easily start and manage in different languages ​​evolve at your own pace, with many different options to choose from best sites.

#1 Codecademy

Among the best websites for learning programming can not miss free Codecademy, being oriented mainly to beginners. Upon entering, we will have to start coding to enter our name in code, and every time we tell if we are doing well or not.

In its course catalog will find a wide range of options, including Python , JavaScript , jQuery , PHP … all with a high interactive component for us to overcome the fear of schedule . It is also in Spanish .

#2 Programmr

Programmr can learn programming languages ​​infinidar free , one of the most comprehensive websites which can be accessed. Once we register , we will access to a vast catalog that will see numerous examples and exercises will have to implement what they learned.

Whether Java, C + + , Python, Ajax, PHP or even apps for Android and iOS, we will be in it well stocked to quench our thirst for knowledge.

#3 Udacity

With Udacity we can access different courses to program, all free (although some functions are limited to paying members).

For example, access to exercise videos and has no cost , as consulting our progress , but if we want to review the generated code , get help or obtain a certificate should be checking out. Their catalog is huge, with multiple options like web development, create mobile games (such as programming your own version of 2048 ) or learn HTML5 , among others.

#4!! is a very interesting website if you want to learn how to program for free and intend to do so in Castilian.

Inside you will find many videos in different thematic areas structured Spanish, and as their slogan says, makes available a whole directory to learn everything you teach programmers but 100 % free.

#5 LearnStreet

LearnStreet offered free to learn to program in JavaScript, Python and Ruby courses.

They are fully web-based and feature over 100 interactive exercises for each course . Thus, it is easy to start quickly program and learn the basics of each language. In addition, here we also find plenty of practical projects that serve to modify and customize the existing code base for our mission.

#6 Scratch

Most little kids can also learn how to program for free and have fun doing it thanks to Scratch, a community of creative learning with more than 5 million shared projects.

Everything is as simple as moving and dragging the different colored chips , organized by category, and unite them as if it were a puzzle. So, we will have a character move around the screen as we indicate, all while learning code.

#7 CodeHS

CodeHS is a virtual classroom where you can learn to program and easily familiar with different codes.

It is totally free, but it will get to check access to the first module of the course that interests us, but to be aimed at inexperienced students is an option to consider.

Anyone can choose from many courses focusing on Java, web development, etc…