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The Ultimate Worlds | May 21, 2018

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These glasses will wake up when you’re staying asleep

These glasses will wake up when you’re staying asleep
Romano Abraham
  • JINS, Japanese manufacturer, has developed a smart glasses warning you if you’re staying asleep.
  • Meme incorporates eye sensors that detect if you have too much sleep, making your phone vibrates.
  • Its launch is scheduled for 2015 in Japan and it is unknown when it will come to rest.

You’re studying and gradually, notes that sleep increases and you have to fight not to close my eyes. No difficult task not to fall asleep, right?

These smart glasses you know when you’re going to stay asleep, so that you can avoid most of fright, and that are synchronized with a mobile application that monitors your activity.

This incorporates eye movement sensors that could predict if you stay asleep.

If you find that you have more sleep than usual, sends a notification to the mobile, which vibrate in your pocket and save you more than one.

But not only that also monitors issues related to sports or fitness, such as calories burned, steps taken and others. You can also connect to a computer through a Bluetooth connection.

These “Smart Glasses” are developed by the Japanese automaker JINS and on their website you will see a video explication Meme, as they call these glasses.

Its Japanese release is scheduled for 2015, although it is unknown when would the rest of the world. It will cost 70,000 yen, about 500 euros.

In addition, they are available in a variety of colors and designs, from traditional to sunglasses. At first glance, no one would say that this is a smart glass.

Did you come to the Google Glass competition? Time will tell if they succeed or not, although it is true that if you’re staying asleep, it would take more notice to save you from the arms of Morpheus.