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The Ultimate Worlds | May 21, 2018

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“Real Humans” Relationship Between Humans and Robots French TV Series Season 2 Tonight!

“Real Humans” Relationship Between Humans and Robots French TV Series Season 2 Tonight!
Staff Reporter

Tonight “Real Humans” Season 2 Relationship Between Humans and Robots a French popular TV Series. The first episode of the new season of this fantastic dissecting the relationship between humans and robots will be broadcast at 20:50.

Last year, we discovered with delight that real nugget from Sweden. In the Real Humans series director Lars Lundström painted a subtle and realistic picture of the challenges facing our society is so highly evolved humanoid robots were mass-marketed.

Gradual replacement of human workers, the rise of anti -spam groups, delegation of tasks to assist elderly or dependent, emotional ties to some humans to these machines, parallel markets operating with these androids for sexual purposes, or their illegal modification by hackers. All these scenarios are reviewed to intrigue intelligently blended yarn.

In addition to the intelligence of his script, the series also shines through a set of actors breathtaking. Indeed, the androids are not inlays image synthesis, but actors cleverly disguised. And they found the gestures and the process just to embody perfectly the ” Hubots ” terribly close to us these mechanical machines.

The first season ( just reissued on Arte ) laid the foundations and issues of this futuristic universe but not that much. Now is the time to deepen. And it is to this task that is working this second component that runs with the same intelligence wire intrigues woven previously.

At the heart of this second darkest season, the common thread is the program created by a hacker genius who installed some Hubots seems to provide them with real feelings and a capacity of any new trial. But the androids and then show sometimes changed disobedient, aggressive or mortally dangerous … than humans.

What then differentiates machines and hacked the rest of humanity? The company must be regarded as full persons and grant them rights, or otherwise banish? Make them work in our service he akin to slavery? And ultimately what defines human ? Beginning of the answer tonight at 20:50.