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The Ultimate Worlds | May 25, 2018

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Cat saves a child attacked by a dog yesterday in California- Really?

Cat saves a child attacked by a dog yesterday in California- Really?
Staff Reporter

How to interpret the incident that took place yesterday in California? The scene takes place in Bakersfield, California (United States). While he enjoys peacefully at his home, little Jeremy, 4 years old, was physically attacked by a dog that bites calf. The family cat then comes to his rescue and his intervention saves the boy.

How to explain the violent behavior of this dog, a prior unjustified? On what grounds the cat is reached? Carine Belleville, specializing in canine behavior educator, answers our questions.

Science Behind Incident: What are some situations that can push a dog bite?

Carine Belleville: There are three cases.

• The first reason is aggression. A dog may bite when it feels threatened or feels irritation related to pain, whether internal or external. This can also occur when the threshold for agitation, noise or even physical contact is reached. This limit is specific to each animal; the lower it is , the more likely bite is high.

• The second scenario: a dog warns and wants to protect an object, place or food.

• Finally, the sequence of predation may also lead to a bite. It follows a pattern with different actions: ocular fixation, slow approach, pursuit, capture and killing. Some dogs do not know realize that a few steps, but others are able to perform the sequence in its entirety. The latter can be hazardous. An individual to whom the dog was not socialized at a young age and between moving can become a potential target.

In the video clip, the dog came up behind the child and jumped on him for no apparent reason. How to explain it? Education of this dog should it be challenged?

It is difficult to interpret these few seconds, without knowing the context. The dog comes silently from behind, and seems to be watching the boy. It may therefore be attacked by predators. Once launched, it becomes extremely difficult to stop. This type of aggression is unfortunately not isolated. It is difficult to blame the dog owners, although we note that it was free in the street unattended.

Can we consider that the cat really saved this child?

It is obvious that the cat saved the life of this child. But it is difficult to know if he did or if he consciously tried to defend himself. To get a more precise idea of ​​his behavior, he would have had to know where he was at the time of the attack. Indeed, if the cat was close to the child, he may have simply feared for her own life. However, if it was removed, it is certainly a form of defense vis-à- vis the child.

The original article states that the dog has been quarantined and will be euthanized. What do you think?

It is better to know the environment in which the dog before taking any decision whatsoever. To prevent the risk of bite, the right solution is to socialize the animal to different people (children, elderly or disabled), other species, places … What is certain is that a bite on a child is a dramatic event and must make every effort to ensure that this situation does not happen again.