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The Ultimate Worlds | May 25, 2018

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AIDS: U.S. authorities recommend a preventive medicine

AIDS: U.S. authorities recommend a preventive medicine
Staff Reporter

U.S.A authorities recommend that people considered “at risk” to take a daily medication called Truvada. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the main U.S. government agencies in health, come to recommend to hundreds of thousands of Americans considered “at risk” to take daily medication, Truvada, as preventive, according to the New York Times.

If this advice is widely followed, it could tip the prevention of AIDS in the United States condoms effective but relatively unpopular with many men, to an antiretroviral drug.

A drug that costs $ 13 000 per year

Increased requirements of Truvada 50 times estimated: 10 000 to 500 000 per year. The drug currently costs 13,000 dollars per year, and is already covered by most insurers.

Those deemed “high risk ” by the U.S. authorities are particularly gay men who have unprotected sex, heterosexual partners with “high risk ” such as injecting drug users, patients who regularly sex with someone they know infected, finally all those who share needles or inject drugs.

INFECTIONS: CDC officials in the U.S. are frustrated that the number of HIV infections has declined very little over ten years in the United States ( 50,000 per year), despite 30 years of advice from authorities to use condoms as the primary means of prevention. Jonathan Mermin, director of CDC in one, this announcement “could save many lives.”

Advise other prophylaxis that condoms

PREVENTIVE: Although there is no guarantee that gay men adopt this drug, authorities say it is necessary to advise another preventive treatment that condoms, because the use of it is down . For example, according to a recent survey in the United States, the number of gay men reporting unprotected sex has increased by nearly 20 % between 2005 and 2011.

Advocates of this drug have been delighted with this announcement. “It’s wonderful, said Damon L. Jacobs, therapist in Manhattan New York Times When the American health authorities – . Namely by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention of Diseases – make a statement, it can to change his mind some doctors are reluctant to prescribe this drug.”

Truvada, manufactured by Gilead Sciences, is the only antiretroviral drug currently approved by the Food and Drug Administration. Since 2010, three separate studies using Truvada showed that when taken daily, it can significantly reduce the risk of HIV infection.

Truvada induces little side effects. The side effects listed include headaches, stomach aches and weight loss. More rarely, liver and kidney.