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The Ultimate Worlds | May 21, 2018

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European elections: European PIRATES Party wants to protect whistleblowers

European elections: European PIRATES Party wants to protect whistleblowers
Romano Abraham

The Pirate Party is the only political to present a joint program to all member countries in the European elections movement. The spokesman of French Party Thomas Watanabe- Vermorel.

The Pirate Party will attend the European elections, including France. With a rather unusual program, since it will be common to all Member States of the European Union. 01net met Thomas Watanabe- Vermorel, spokesman of the movement in France, here is more about its proposals.
01net : How a small party like yours is it able to submit lists for these elections ?

Thomas Watanabe- Vermorel: Hardly. This is not new , the French electoral system does not favor small parties like ours, which revolves around the thousand members. We are all volunteers and do not have that money from donations and membership of the association. Present lists in six of eight European regions is therefore a miracle. But all the polling stations will not have our newsletters. It will be up to voters to print them on our website with the risk that they are not counted.

Your program is mainly focused on the Internet, then you present today as a general movement …
Internet is our starting point, our historic strength. It is therefore natural that we talk more than others. But it also depends on the context of the European elections. Of net neutrality to the protection of personal data, the regulations are approved by the European Parliament. It is now or never talk. However, we also have other demands: we deplore , for example, that the European legislative process is dominated by the European Commission and not Parliament. This, in our view, is not democratic.

01net: What are your main digital claims?
Create an asylum for whistleblowers as Edward Snowden. The attitude of several European countries, including France, is instructive in this regard. They refused overflying aircraft Bolivian President believing that Snowden was on board. It’s a shame!

Otherwise, we call for the repeal of the European Data Retention Directive . We also call for the processing of personal information takes place only under the supervision and approval of justice and persons suspected of committing or preparing a felony or a misdemeanor . We wish the harmonization of laws at European level so that it is possible that sites like Facebook evade sanctions by establishing their headquarters in Ireland. We also defend the principle of net neutrality. And we support the promotion of free software that can be used, analyzed, modified and redistributed by anyone. Finally, we call on the European Union not to fund research on security and monitoring software …

01net: Introduce yourself a candidate for the European Commission?
Yes, it is the Swedish Amelia Andersdotter. But I also want to emphasize that we are the only movement in Europe to introduce a common European program for all member countries. It took us two years to develop and we are proud of the result.
01net: What are your predictions on the election results?
We have good hopes for Members of the European level and perhaps even be able to form a parliamentary group. We are more pessimistic, however, as regards results in France. There will probably be a lot of dispersion of votes.