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The Ultimate Worlds | May 25, 2018

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Swim with Jellyfish (VIDEO)

Swim with Jellyfish (VIDEO)
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A sanctuary jellyfish is the joy of tourists in the Pacific. Lost in the North Pacific Ocean, an archipelago of islands called Chelbacheb has a strange lake. Red dot position materializes Rock Islands.

This brackish water lake is one of 70 found this archipelago. But it has a peculiarity: in the absence of predators, the jellyfish have proliferated dramatically there… to the delight of tourists.

Video taken by GoPro jellyfish in the lake-

If tourists dare to dive into the lake, it is because the two species of jellyfish found there ( Mastigias papua and Aurelia aurita ) are most of the time harmless to humans ( in rare cases , their venom causes allergic reactions).

The practice of scuba diving is prohibited there not to disturb the fauna with bubbles, but because past 15 meters deep, the water composition changes. It is then loaded in dangerously hydrogen sulfide. A chemical compound produced by the decomposition of organic matter by bacteria in the lake bottom . It is also a poison that can pass the barrier of the skin.