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The Ultimate Worlds | May 21, 2018

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Use iPhone apps on Android devices: Cider

Use iPhone apps on Android devices: Cider
Dr. Yehia Mechref

Use iPhone and iPad apps directly on an Android smartphone or tablet : That is not – at least so far . To change this, students of the “Software Systems Laboratory ” from Columbia University have developed Cider : It complements the Android operating system to some typical iOS functions and deceives the apps that they would run on an Apple device. The apps themselves can be so start without adjustments at the time but there are still some limitations : The iPhone apps can not access all the hardware parts of the Android device at the time – GPS, camera , Bluetooth and mobile Internet are in the current Cider version is not yet available.

For small programs work on the Android mobile phone as well as right Apps: You can be arranged on the Home screen , move and start – and are also quite normal in the App Manager , which allows you to switch between the different programs , displayed . In the performance, the foreign apps also beat not bad : In the benchmark app ” PassMark ” , which is available for Android and iOS, the 3D test animations run smoothly . Also the typical iOS scrolling is clearly seen in the app.

Even Apple Cider apps run thanks to the Android device : In the video, the app ” Remote” starts with which one can control the iTunes music on other Mac and Windows PC or an Apple TV , and play . In addition to the iPad apps run on the tablet shown as well as the iPhone apps like the Stocks app , which will then be shown a little smaller.