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The Ultimate Worlds | May 21, 2018

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Global net shot against cyber criminals of “BlackShades”

Global net shot against cyber criminals of “BlackShades”
Desk Reporter

More than 80 people were arrested from 16 countries for maliciously hacked computers using “BlackShades” software. Fifty searches were conducted in France.

More than 80 people were detained in the world as part of an operation to the “BlackShades” software, used to take control of computers remotely for criminal purposes, said Monday Europol and Eurojust agencies. “In an international survey , creators, vendors and users of malware BlackShades have been targeted by the authorities from 16 countries,” said the agencies.

Users ‘BlackShades “(” black shadows “in English, ed) can take remote control of a computer, for example access photos therein, encrypt folders or secretly activate the webcam. In some cases, ransom demands have been sent to victims after taking control of their computer. This malicious software , purchased by thousands of people around the world, can also be used for so-called ” denial of service ” that can make an inaccessible website cyber attacks.

The police operation, conducted in coordination with the FBI, lasted two days, according to Eurojust. Searches were conducted in 359 locations and 97 people were arrested while “substantial amounts” of cash, illegal weapons, drugs and more than 1,100 hard drives or USB drives were seized. Eurojust made ​​particular reference to a recent case in the Netherlands: ” BlackShades was used for criminal purposes by a man of 18 who has infected at least 2,000 computers, cameras and controlled victims to take pictures of women and girls“.

The Netherlands, Belgium, France, Germany, UK, Italy, Canada, Chile and Switzerland are among the countries that participated in the operation. According to a French judicial source, the FBI sent to different countries a list of suspects on their territories after arrested two program developers.

In France, the police conducted a fifty searches last week and 70 purchasers or users of the software have been identified, said sources familiar with the matter. 26 people were taken into custody and according to a statement from the Paris prosecutor, seven of them agreed to hold the software for ” malicious use,” while eight said to use it to hack gaming platforms online video.

In the Netherlands, the prosecutor said he had raided 34 premises without making arrests. Sites hackers began reporting there three days the police carried out a search in individuals suspected of having purchased or used ” BlackShades.” This software is available , according to some bloggers, the ” darknet “, the ” dark side ” of the internet for less than 100 euros. On discussion forums, some suggested that the police had traced Site Accounts PayPal buyers to identify the program.