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The Ultimate Worlds | May 25, 2018

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The Ultimate Worlds Editorial, Desk and Staff Reporters from several continent. The Ultimate Worlds published, maintained and copyright of Encode Pvt. Ltd. Our editorial staff dedicated to provide in depth global technology news. For any content published by our staff, you may email them about the concerned content to know more about news. If you want to write for us, please Contact Here.

Chief Editor: Anita Baath


Articles by Anita Baath

She is not only Chief Editor but also founder director of Encode Pvt. Ltd. She is an women entrepreneur and involved in social works. She is graduate at Social Work from National University in Bangladesh.



Co-Editor: Yehia Mechref

Yehia MechrefArticles by Yehia Mechref
He is from USA. Writing scholarly articles for the Ultimate Worlds.


Chief Adviser: Romeo Mark

He is by born Indian. At present live in New York, USA. He is chief adviser of The Ultimate Worlds. Mr. Mark also founder member of company behind this site. He is expert in press release writing. Mr. Mark founder of NY Press Team.

Phone: +1 347-612-0824
Mail Address
NY Press Team, 356 E. 143rd St. Apt# 8F; Bronx, NY 10454 USA.

Staff Author: Romano Abraham

Romano Abraham

He also from USA. Writing on several topics. You may reached him by Email:
Follow his Social FB Lnk.

Our Staff Reporters:

Staff Reporters

Regina Phalange (Left in Photo); Email:

Maureen Wadia (Middle in Photo); Email:

Rosabel Kurth (On Right Side of the Group Photo); Email:

Our Desk Reporter: William Regal

Desk ReportersArticle by Zayed Ibn Fazal
Phone: +880 1675 480713
Mr. Fazal working here as a online desk reporter. He also sub-editor of Bonik Barta which is only daily business news paper in Bangladesh. He has completed B.A (Hon’s), M.A in English from University of Dhaka.

Guest Contributor: Mr. Madurai Mohon