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The Ultimate Worlds | May 21, 2018

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3D printing: towards artificial bone mass production?

May 25, 2014 |

Japanese researchers have developed a new technique for producing artificial bone. Technical and therapeutic unprecedented breakthrough.

A new type of artificial bone was developed by the University of Tokyo and a medical company, in order to facilitate mass production. The … Read More

Cell Phone Data Against Malaria

May 21, 2014 |

Recently Southampton University researchers have used mobile phone data to understand spreading of Malaria in African countries. The use of mobile data could be very effective against malaria, according to a recent study conducted in Namibia.

Rely on the rise … Read More

Japan prohibits “scientific” whaling

May 18, 2014 |

The International Court of Justice challenging the scientific value of the Japanese program in the Southern Ocean. But Japan wants to continue his “research” in the North Pacific.

The Nisshin Maru, the Japanese factory ship skinning whales are hunted the … Read More

The collection of skulls of a miracle surgeon

May 18, 2014 |

At the heart of the exhibition Paul Tissier, they are presented for the first time to the public in the museum of the history of medicine at the University Paul-Descartes in Paris. Acrylic skull. Dystopia orbitraire first intracranial. Shown in … Read More

Transit shadows on Jupiter in the night from Saturday

May 17, 2014 |

For a little more than 2 hours in the night from Saturday 17 to Sunday, May 18, the shadows of Io and Callisto, Jupiter’s moons will be visible on the giant planet.


On the night of Saturday 17 … Read More

Ophthalmology: 50% dietary supplements adulterated

May 17, 2014 |

Unauthorized access to the source of skin problems compound was found in half of the dietary supplements supposed to prevent vision problems .

ZEAXANTHIN: Half dietary supplements supposed to prevent some vision problems contain meso-zeaxanthin, unauthorized compound that could cause … Read More

AIDS: U.S. authorities recommend a preventive medicine

May 15, 2014 |

U.S.A authorities recommend that people considered “at risk” to take a daily medication called Truvada. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the main U.S. government agencies in health, come to recommend to hundreds of thousands of Americans considered … Read More

Cat saves a child attacked by a dog yesterday in California- Really?

May 15, 2014 |

How to interpret the incident that took place yesterday in California? The scene takes place in Bakersfield, California (United States). While he enjoys peacefully at his home, little Jeremy, 4 years old, was physically attacked by a dog that bites … Read More

The first bionic arm marketed in the United States by DARPA

May 12, 2014 |

The first high-tech arm prosthesis has been authorized in the USA. It allows you to perform activities of daily living such as eating or opening a door.

The U.S. Agency Drug Administration (FDA ) has approved for marketing the first … Read More

A Solar Storm Every Angle

May 9, 2014 |

A solar flare has been recorded by various satellites and ground-based observatory. X1 . March 29, 2014, the Sun experienced a new eruption of class X1 filmed by the Solar Dynamics Observatory (SDO ) of NASA . These eruptions occur … Read More