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The Ultimate Worlds | April 22, 2018

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Foldable drone that fits in a package

May 8, 2014 |

Ultra compact, this three-bladed frame is able to carry a GoPro camera in the air for 20 minutes.

Its designers were asking $ 35,000 for the market , they have collected nearly 930,000 on the crowdfunding platform Kickstarter! Hence the … Read More

Talking robot astronaut “Kirobo” and Mr. Wakata

January 30, 2014 |

Joint research project which aims to live a robot that can communicate ” KIBOROBOT PROJECT ” Secretariat , has released a state of the experiments Koichi Wakata astronaut to interact ” KIROBO ( Kirobo ) ” with the robot astronaut … Read More

IN PICTURE. A panorama of the Moon from Chang’e 3

January 30, 2014 |

The picture was taken by LG 1.2 tons that China has placed on our satellite , while its rover ” Jade Rabbit ” is always off. Hard S.O.S. down. There a few days, the Chinese authorities … Read More

IRAQ: A desalination plant for € 84 million

January 30, 2014 |

The world number one water Veolia Environnement announced that it won a contract worth € 84 million over 5 years to build a plant in Basra water desalination.

SITE- The contract was won in partnership with the Japanese conglomerate Hitachi … Read More

Antioxidants: they favor lung cancer

January 30, 2014 |

One study found that antioxidants could promote the proliferation of cancer cells. In particular in the case of lung cancer.

A study released Wednesday, Jan. 29 in the American medical journal Science Translational Medicine shows that … Read More

Why car companies to invest in IT Venture

August 23, 2013 |

Enhanced investment in start-up companies in the U.S. Silicon Valley.

To obtain the technology and ideas that could dramatically change the auto industry, Ford Motor and (GM) is to strengthen the partnership and investment in start-up companies in the U.S. … Read More

Do you find the Earth secondly

August 23, 2013 |

It has an orbit away moderately from the star, “(habitable zone, life habitable area) habitable zone” in the likely and water temperature suitable for the birth of life, planet of three Earth-like discovery was.

Planet some 1200 light-years away in … Read More

Spare Parts Of F-16 needed For Greece

July 23, 2013 |

Greece is going to purchase spare engine parts for their F-16 aircraft, a deal that could net Pratt & Whitney $250 million. The news of a potential Foreign Military Sale to Greece was posted online by the Defense Security Cooperation … Read More

Project-NASA Will Go to build a fusion rocket, which could shoot the humans to Mars in thirty days

April 13, 2013 |

A research team at the University of Washington, finencial supported by NASA, is going to fabricate a fusion-fueled rocket. This rocket, assuming that it could be successfully assembled, could impel a manned shuttle to Mars in only 30 days —contrasted … Read More